Tuesday, August 01, 2006

2 Moms, 1 Baby, 2 1/2 Weeks, No Room

There was stuff in the wayback; stuff in the backseat; stuff in the front seat. The people were squashed in as an afterthought. Lord help us when we have another kid....

But how can you complain when you have such a sweet & wonderful traveler?


  • Two sweet and wonderful travelers, it looks like =) Gosh, mommyhood looks great on both of you. What a beautiful family :::sigh:::

    By Anonymous DebbieS, at 2:18 PM  

  • That smile just melts me!

    By Blogger hope, at 2:46 PM  

  • what a happy baby smile! I love it!

    By Blogger Holly, at 7:14 AM  

  • So adorable. I continue to be impressed by your ability to do the seemingly impossible and position the chest clip at armpit level and tighten the straps... you will never cease to amaze me. (perhaps I have become a cynic.)

    By Blogger Estelle, at 11:56 AM  

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