Saturday, December 30, 2006

Holiday Wrap-Up

Christmas this year was a crazy whirlwind tour of grandparents. Nine grandparents in a span of 72 hours. A five day tour of Michigan friends and family. Good (and the part about spending the holiday with our nut of a child was better than wonderful), but exhausting. Some highlights, in no particular order:
  • Natalie spent most of her time trying to eat paper and ribbons. Her moms spent much time fishing said objects out of her mouth.
  • While visiting NTM, Jen managed to stop conversation with her feet. While adjusting her sock, the scratchy velcro-like sound of heel against cloth was so loud that Emilin stopped mid-sentence to say, "Do you want some lotion?"
  • Until Natalie finally melted down into a too-much-travelling-too-little-napping puddle, Natalie and Sanna played quite happily together. Sanna attempted to use Natalie as a point of balance while cruising and instead pulled her down on top of herself. She put puzzle pieces in Natalie's mouth and took them back out again. Natalie chewed every toy she came across, and convinced Sanna's moms to let Sanna try sour cream.
  • Natalie learned to wave and spent 20 minutes Thursday evening sitting in my mom's upstairs hallway waving at everything she could. The light, the walls, the mirror, the dog, the cat, the humans...
  • We learned that even soft-soled baby shoes need to be removed at security checkpoints.
  • Both flights were spent doing a combination of nursing and sleeping (whew!), after frightening most of the passengers with loud (but gleeful) shrieks while waiting at the gate.
  • Natalie decided that sleeping in the Pack 'N Play was for chumps, and required her moms to nap with her. It was rough, but we took turns so as to spread out the, um, burden. We're self-sacrificing like that.
  • My sister gave us this book. Hilarious.
  • Jen and I gave each other spatulas and paper models of presents to come, and despite the lameness of the presents, had one of the best Christmases ever.
  • We're home now. The girl is sleeping in her own bed, and soon we'll be sleeping in our own bed. We're tired but happy.
Best wishes to all as we move into the new year. And welcome to the world, Mia!


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