Monday, March 21, 2005

A Bowl Full of Mush

I had planned to blog about the way that fertility hurdles seem to cause some women (myself included) to become hyper-domestic in other regards such as cooking, crafts, etc., but the Great Rice Debacle makes this an inopportune time to investigate this phenomenon. So I thought I would muse about some of the other changes the miscarriage and the molar pregnancy have wrought upon my psyche and behavior, such as the fact that I only wear black underwear (I guess my crotch is in mourning?) and eat a lot more take-out than my stingy self ever permitted before. However, it seems that one of the most significant changes the past 10 months have wrought is that my attention span and my ability to think clearly are pretty much... gone.

Therefore , I'll take this time instead to put in a little product endorsement. Pyrex is some kick-ass kitchen technology. Like those famed watches, "it takes a licking and keeps on ticking." (Maybe it has something to do with ending in "-ex"?) I am very fond of the little bowl I abused in the micro-mishap, and thought it was beyond all hope in its singed condition. Yet, with a little soaking and scraping, it's almost like new:

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Alas, I am not so sure about my brain!


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