Thursday, March 10, 2005

Pink + Pink + Pink + Frills =


It turned out that the anticipation was worse than the reality. The shower was not the happiest or most comfortable two hours of my life, but it was far from the worst. There were a couple of moments where my stomach was tied in knots, but for the most part it was ok. I was able to be happy for K. and admire the gifts (and be reminded yet again why I do not want to know and/or publicize the gender of my future baby in advance: the place looked like a Mary Kay convention. Blech!). I am also pleased to report that I did not eat myself into a stupor to cope with the stress. I did have a bit more Coke than might have been prudent, but I was relatively restrained about the chips and such. (Could that have had anything to do with the fact that there wasn't really anything there that sets off my junk-food frenzies? Naaah...)

On my own fertility front: It seems that I ovulated last night! First time since July!


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