Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Up until today, Natalie has been a pretty tidy baby. In fact, we were shocked that for her first 9 days we only changed her clothing because it was a new day. That record got blown today. She peed through two diapers, one badly enough that Jen had to change her clothes as well as Natalie's. Then, after nursing this evening, she regurgitated the complete contents of her stomach all over herself, me, the couch, and the floor. (she's fine--we think maybe she had a weird air bubble or something that just pushed everything out, as she was rather unfazed by the whole thing, and has certainly made up for the loss since then)

I think it's safe to say that, not only do we look like mommies, we smell like them too.


Natalie weighed in at 9 lbs. 3 oz. and measured 22 in. at her appointment today. Yikes. Guess those cheeks really ARE growing.


  • Glad to hear your little darlin' is doing so well! As for the spitting up episode, I've heard that when they spit up it always looks as though they spit up everything they ate, but much of it is saliva and mucus mixed with milk. Lovely, eh? My boys don't spit up much (their one saving grace!), but the times they do really startle me still!

    By Blogger lagiulia, at 11:34 PM  

  • Wow!! What do you have in your milk, Miracle-Gro?

    Sometimes I think they should make matching mama-and-baby slickers so that the spit-up doesn't soak in. At least Natalie can't do what Sephie (8 months) does...she spit up today on the carpet and tried to pick it up and eat it. I think she learned it from the cats.

    Keep those baby updates coming!

    By Anonymous DebbieS, at 1:36 AM  

  • Babies can hurl with such a vengeance they make you wonder what sort of demon is living in their stomach. Then they fall asleep before you figure it out.

    By Blogger Amy, at 7:36 AM  

  • Good Lord, at this rate, she'll be bigger than Sanna by next week.

    I also smell like a mommy. And the babe is asleep, so I'm going to stop wasting this time online and go shower.

    By Blogger Brooke, at 9:46 AM  

  • ah, but has she gotten it down any cleavage yet? That's the real Christening...

    By Blogger Trista, at 1:11 PM  

  • wow that's just 3 inches shorter than Malka - 4 months old! Go Nat!

    Wait until she's naked just before bath and pees on you - it's FUN! :)

    By Blogger Shelli, at 8:57 PM  

  • The true clincher is when she pees/poos on you/herself just AFTER the bath. Nice.

    By Blogger Mama-Beans, at 10:05 PM  

  • Okay, am I the only one whose baby performed the whole gastrointestinal spectrum a couple times while IN his first immersion bath?

    Glad to hear that things are going well, christening and detector mayhem notwithstanding...

    By Anonymous Andrea, at 10:47 PM  

  • Maybe Nat is just trying to show you how MUCH she loves you. I love you ::ralph:: that much!

    By Blogger Calliope, at 10:16 AM  

  • Should I be jealous that she's almost as big as my 6 month old?? (He's a premie for those of you who don't know)

    By Blogger Miss W, at 10:17 AM  

  • Noah got us on his second bath. Now we have a pee-blocking diaper right there in the water with him. He also continues to get us when we're careless on the diaper changes and don't notice the impact his kicking has had on the position of the pee-blocking diaper.

    We've been pretty lucky on the spitup front, though. (Knock wood.)

    By Anonymous Liza, at 2:10 PM  

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