Monday, October 22, 2007

Effiity Effing Eff

I was going to write a whiny post about someone stealing our pumpkins but then got news of something that's really worth whining about. Our friend in the computer (and IRL!) Cali, who is generous, funny, kind, compassionate, talented, energetic, witty, giving, gentle and an all-around mensch just got word that her hopes, plans and dreams for a baby got a major setback in a way that is utterly cruel and heartbreaking. Details are on her (password protected) blog. She needs help. So if you can scrape up a little cash to help out a friend (or friend of a friend) click over to her block and find the Donate button and give her a little material as well as moral support.

We love you, Cali. You don't deserve this.


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