Tuesday, November 20, 2007


We've all been shot. Er, given shots. It's been a busy and somewhat painful morning. But all appears to be well.

Yesterday, when calling the RE's office about holiday hours, Jen mentioned to Nurse Cheery that she'd been getting highs on the monitor since the end of last week. Nurse Cheery, somewhat concerned, invited her in for a wanding. On the house. You know things are looking rough when they offer you the free ultrasounds. Luckily, everything looked good in Jen's ovaries, and since this morning's OPK was heading toward positive, we decided to trigger. So, IUI sometime tomorrow afternoon, narrowly missing the holiday closures. My theory about the six days of high readings is that perhaps Jen's estrogen has been somewhat low the last two cycles, and is finally headed into a more normal pattern now. Which certainly would confuse the poor little monitor, and cause it to spit out weird readings.

This morning was also Natalie's 18 month appointment with the pediatrician. Pay no attention to the fact that she's already 19 months old. She demanded her "hicker" (sticker) almost immediately upon entering the exam room, and was slightly peeved that she had to wait. She reached full outrage during the measuring and weighing process, but came in at a healthy 33 inches and 30 lbs. 6 oz.! (I'll post growth curves for the geeks among us later this afternoon) The NP we saw was wonderfully sweet with her, and chuckled to herself that she certainly didn't need to ask if Natalie had 7-10 words, as she heard more than that within a minute of entering the room. Natalie got her last immunizations for a while, and of course was outraged again. She continued to sadly mention, "arms. hurt." after returning home, but is happily napping now.

I got a flu shot while we were there (Jen and Natalie had gotten them a few weeks ago when she took Natalie in for a random high fever), and we discovered a new complication of being a two-mom household. The office was busy, so a woman who normally doesn't do check-outs did our paperwork and took our payment. I held a still-whimpering Natalie and paid while Jen scheduled our two year appointment at the front desk. Sadly, I realized far too late into the process that the flu shot had been billed as going to Jen. Since we can't get insurance reimbursement for two flu shots to Jen, I spent the drive home on the phone with the billing office straightening out the mistake. (Entertaining side note: The paperwork the shot nurse came in with instructed her to give the flu shot to "Mom. Brown shirt, no glasses." Sometimes it's just fun to keep people on their toes.)


  • Swim boys, swim!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your precious sweet potato.

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