Friday, November 16, 2007

Scrambled with a Side of Hash

In the spirit of NaBloPoMo, I have a little more to offer you on the State of the Ovaries. I have been thinking a lot more about this and have much more I could say but limited time. In a month where I was not trying to post every day, I'd probably stew on it a bit longer and then never get around to posting it. Instead, you'll get a hastily written and half thought out post. There's a joke in here about six of one and half a dozen of the other but I don't find eggs very funny right now.

Today's update is that I got a high on the CBFM. This would be interesting in and of itself, as I have NOT gotten a high reading for the past two months - it's gone 0 to 60, low to peak with no high in between. So a high reading today could be good, as yet another sign that my cycles are normalizing, or it could be bad, as in confirmation that my ovaries are going downhill (high FSH can lead to early ovulation, sometimes early enough that eggs are underripe). Based on the one or two previous CBFM cycles I've had (pre-Natalie) with a high reading, I may get a + OPK as early as Saturday night or Sunday, which would mean ovulation on day 10, which is earlier than some REs like.

The (mostly) good news is that we were able to set up a consult with the RE. Unfortunately, it won't be until Wednesday. That is good for us in terms of work schedules, but probably bad in terms of reproductive scheduling - chances are high that I will already have ovulated. We'd rather have a consult before inseminating because we don't know if time is more important or treatment is - e.g. do we do this cycle because we don't want to wait and let things get worse, or do we wait until next cycle when we could incorporate some kind of treatment (if that's even indicated).

It all comes down to the intersection between possibly diminished fertility and limited quantities of sperm. If we had all the sperm in the world I wouldn't care. We'd just insem every month and figure it would work sooner or later, because chances are (even with elevated FSH) that it will. My mom had a baby at 43 (more on that later when I have time). But we only have 8 vials of this guy left so we are looking at some hard decisions (including how important is a full, or even half genetic connection).

Much more can be said but it will have to be said later.


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