Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pour Some Sugar on ME, Baby!


If you heard a resounding cry of joy at about 1:45 pm Eastern Time today, that was probably me getting the news that I passed my GTT, and apparently quite resoundingly. The midwife said, "You must have felt AWFUL during the last hour since your blood sugar level was so insanely low!" And then proceeded to admonish me to make sure I eat regularly enough that I never let my blood sugar crash like that again. As if I did it on purpose! But the bottom line is, no gestational diabetes and no need to cut sugar out of my life for the next three months. Hooray, hooray, hooray!

Thanks to all who offered support, advice and encouragement. I agree, it really is overdiagnosed and in many cases not the huge problem it's made out to be, but there is a small history of diabetes in my family, so it was probably worthwhile to be sure. But OH, am I glad that's behind me!


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