Monday, January 02, 2006

100 and 1

The first day of the year was also 100 days until Harpo's due date. I have a mild fascination with what I think of as "interesting" numbers and that coincidence kind of tickled me.

This also means that today it is 99 days until Harpo is due. Gulp. There's a whole ton of crap Cait and I have to do, individually and together, before this kid gets here. Like the thousands of things I have been putting off ignoring at work. Yikes.


  • And the 100 day countdown begins. How exciting! Congrats- another milestone to celebrate.

    By Blogger lagiulia, at 10:02 AM  

  • Eek! Double digits!
    I remember when we hit D - 99.... ah, if only we had known he would be three weeks late :)
    Can't wait to meet you Harpo!

    By Blogger Estelle, at 12:24 PM  

  • 99!
    you can do the bottles of beer on the wall song now.

    in case you needed a song stuck in your head.

    By Blogger Calliope, at 12:59 AM  

  • Oh, one more thing- mind if I link my blog to yours?

    By Blogger lagiulia, at 1:08 PM  

  • Yeah! I can't wait. It will all get done, and you'll find whatever doesn't, won't matter anyway (was that grammatically correct?)

    By Anonymous KatS, at 10:19 PM  

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