Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pajama Hootennany

Natalie was the only person in the House of AdProb who changed out of her pajamas this weekend. Nope, we weren't just lazy; we were sick. Natalie kicked off the affair with an odd 24-hour virus a few days earlier. Her only symptom was a 102 degree fever. The moms succumbed over the course of Friday, though Cait made it through the workday by sheer determination (she had been in a losing battle with a cold since the beginning of the week, but it took a little push from Natalie's germs to really get the party rockin'). I held out until the middle of the night.

We learned a few things in our weekend of snot 'n' sloth:
  • Natalie has an uncanny ability to get sick on the only day of the week that requires us to scramble for sick-baby care. Six out of seven days she is with a mom or a grandma. Only one day does she go to a babysitter (who has her own baby whom she would like to keep relatively healthy). In the two times Natalie has ever been sick, she's got a perfect batting average, requiring us to take off work every time (with the first illness being a cold that lasted 10 days and took a turn for the worse on TWO babysitter days).
  • If other members of the family are sick, the nursing mom may get the virus as a breast infection. Yup, mastitis. I woke up shivering and chattering miserably at 2 am on Friday (really Saturday but it confuses me to say 2 am Saturday). Cait heaped blankets and clothes on me and I thought miserably to myself, "I survived labor; I can get through this." Rest, nursing, fluids, nursing, heat, nursing, pumping, and comfort food took care of the fever and aches; however, I may yet have to find a nursing-friendly physician if the plugged duct at the root of the problem doesn't go away soon.
  • The people at the Poison Control hotline are very nice, even when you say things like, "Yeah, I knew that plant was dangerous; I just hadn't gotten around to moving it yet." Of course, Natalie chose this weekend to eat part of a philodendron leaf. She's fine. The plant has now been relocated.
  • No matter how much they may annoy you, family are worth their weight in gold. Jen's mom made an emergency grocery run for us and then played with Natalie for much of the afternoon, and Jen's brother's fiancee made us matzoh ball soup (nearly vegetarian, at that) and delivered it to our door. These acts of kindness enabled us to survive Saturday in a much better frame of mind and body than we might otherwise have done.
  • If people try to send you home from work on Friday because you sound like a seal with a two-pack-a-day nic fix, GO HOME. Don't say, "I'll rest over the weekend," because you don't know what will happen over the weekend. Your cold may be trumped by your wife's Boob of Doom.
  • It's really, really nice not to go anywhere or do anything, even if you're sick. I wish we could have more pajama-only weekends WITHOUT viruses crashing the party.
We hope you did get out of your P.J.s this weekend, or better yet, that if you stayed in them it was by choice and not necessity!

First person to identify the musical origin of the title gets a copy of the mix CD of children's music that turned us on to the song in question.


  • I used my winter break to spend whole days in my PJ's when I got the chance. It was divine. I rarely get time to do it now though. I too hope you guys get a chance to do so while in good health. It's good for the soul.

    By Blogger Indigo Wolf, at 6:52 PM  

  • Ahh...pjs all day. What a luxury, even if you are sick. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.

    Is the music from Lemon Jam?

    By Blogger Safire, at 8:51 PM  

  • so sorry about the boob of doom, and the germs of nastiness.

    I stayed in my jammies ALL day, didn't leave the house, and napped much.'

    ALL by choice - it was my day off - Narda came home Friday, and took Malka ALL day until dinner, when I took over.

    I took two naps - it was bliss. And,um, I think I'll go to bed soon, too.

    Weeee - may you have a weekend like my today VERY VERY soon.


    By Blogger Shelli, at 9:22 PM  

  • so sorry for all of the sick days. All 3 of you down sounds like it was awful.
    I spent 80% of yesterday in my PJ's and it was divine.

    By Blogger Calliope, at 10:45 AM  

  • If I could identify the song I probably wouldn't need a copy of the cd... which is to say, can I have a copy anyway? What if I send you postage?

    I'm so sorry you were all sick. I know just how that feels (well, not the mastitis) and how lovely it is when family can come help you get through it.

    By Blogger Trista, at 11:38 AM  

  • Yuck on the sickies. Let me know if you need an emergency soup run or for someone to play with the Naterpillar while you lie on the couch and moan.

    By Anonymous jenny, at 1:54 PM  

  • The song: Freddy Bear The Teddy Bear
    (Ralph Covert - Waterdog Music / ASCAP

    i joined ya'll in pajamas all day saturday, but it was a choice thing. my sister and i and her two boys have a saturday after thanksgiving pajama day, where we decorate the tree we hunted for on friday-after-thanksgiving! here's to more choicey pajama hootenanies!

    By Blogger ladybug, at 10:33 PM  

  • We have a winnah! Ladybug, please e-mail me at additionproblems AT gmail DOT com

    For those of you who haven't discovered Ralph Covert, his songs are singable, danceable, good fun with some nice wordplay. We got a mix CD from a friend with a few of his songs and can't stop playing and singing them. His website is

    By Blogger Jen, at 6:26 AM  

  • Oh, I'm sorry about all the illin'.
    I got the boob of doom during one of the many viruses we contracted in the fall. I'd never had any breast problems before with nursing, and I couldn't believe how utterly painful it was. I think it took about 3 or 4 days to subside. I did a heating pad and fluids, but I don't know if that helped or if it was just time. Pumping and extra nursing only went so far. People told me to nurse the babies so that their mouths were sucking from the direction of the eye of the pain, but this required me to hold a one yr old upside-down and face-down, which !surprise! they weren't crazy about. And of course you're also supposed to rest (hardy har har...).
    I hope you feel better soon!

    By Blogger lagiulia, at 10:30 AM  

  • "snot and sloth" - that's a phrase that i will be able to use often - very perfect

    By Blogger Robin, at 11:00 PM  

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