Friday, April 06, 2007

And on the seventh night...

...we rested.

After her last nursing at 11:30ish, Natalie only woke at 2:30. Cait gave her Tylenol (she'd had Motrin with dinner) and teething tablets and was able to settle her back down with brief rocking, and then put her down drowsy. She slept without another peep until 6:20.


(begone evil eye! we are not being cocky! but one should celebrate even small victories without making any assumptions of permanence!)

Edited by Cait to add: One of the things that makes me happiest in this whole sleep venture is that she really is learning to put herself to sleep. When we put her down in her crib, she rolls over onto her tummy and closes her eyes, rather than popping back up like she used to. I also discovered during one late-night negotiation that if you say, "put your head down," she will. And then she'll go to sleep. Amazing. Sometimes it takes reminders, sometimes it takes back-patting, but more and more over the last few days, she just does it on her own. So whether or not she sleeps tonight, and no matter how long it takes us to drop the 11 PM feeding or the 2 AM waking, we are making progress. And the semi-conscious nosedives into the mattress (in response to our "put your head down" reminders) are pretty darn entertaining.


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