Thursday, May 26, 2005

Creepy (but good)

One year ago TO THE DAY, Cait and I did our first-ever insemination. On that day, I lost my "sperm virginity". Freakishly enough, our first post-mole insemination was this morning. To keep the coindidences rolling, last year we stayed up way too late the night before the insem due to a friend's family crisis. Last night, I was up until 1:00 am (thankfully only to pack, not for a crisis). I do hope that the outcome varies from last year to this....

Bottom line: insem #1 went down this AM, and the boys are taking their first plane trip today. The second vial is back safe and sound in the dry ice, and we'll are doing the second insem SOMEWHERE in NH. Despite what I wrote in Choose Your Own O-venture, we did decide that taking it on the plane was the way to go. And also despite my fear of Instead cups, that will be our backup if TSA says it's no go. And THAT would be the ultimate insem story! ('Scuze us, we'll be back..." running off to find a big restroom to insem in [ick, ick ick], then going back through security, "Nope, we don't have that sperm anymore." Please, god, do spare me!)

This is probably the last dispatch for a few days. I'll be leaving for the airport shortly and I don't think I'll have much access until Sunday. I thought I could use the web browser on my phone (geek! geek!) but remembered I get noooooo reception in the hinterlands of NH.

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