Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Last Time I'll Be Happy about a Negative Beta

It can't be that often that women call the results line at a fertility clinic month after month and are elated to hear that their beta is negative. But that's been my lot of late, and yesterday was no exception. So (in our minds if not Dr. Reserved's) Cait and I are clear to start trying again. Wahoo!

Other RE News
Nurse Cheery is back, praise the gods. I poked my head into her office yesterday and told her about the missing sperm, and she immediately took charge of the situation, assuring me she'd get it taken care of. (She is, of course, blaming the bank while the bank blames the clinic - but THEY can sort that out, not me!). I'll believe it when I see the vial in my hand or the credit on our account, but it's nice to have someone giving this the attention it deserves.


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