Monday, October 10, 2005


14 week appointment today. We didn't like this doctor much, but we LOVED Harpo! We got -- oh, too briefly -- to hear the heartbeat: 140 BPM (right on target!!). We scheduled the big ultrasound for six weeks from today, the Monday of Thanksgiving week. We're hoping to have LOTS for which to give thanks.


  • WOW!!! how exciting! How for a very thank-fully thanksgiving

    By Anonymous cathy, at 9:10 PM  

  • Way cool!! :o)

    By Blogger hd, at 9:31 PM  

  • Jen, I'm so happy for you guys! 14 weeks already!!

    By Blogger Ana, at 6:46 AM  

  • Yay!

    If Harpo's a real mover, it's going to get harder and harder to hear her/his heartbeat for more than a moment at a time. Starting around week 16, we haven't been able to hear Ebry's for more than a few seconds at a time.

    By Blogger Emilin, at 9:59 AM  

  • That's good to know, Em. In this case it was more to do with the brusque doc than Harpo, I think.

    It's just that right now hearing the h/b is all we have to go on - soon, I hope, we'll be able to FEEL the little dude and then won't be so desperate for straws to grasp on. Being well padded, though, I don't know that we'll be feeling anything too soon. Ah well. More lessons in patience and faith.

    By Blogger Jen, at 10:05 AM  

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! 14 weeks- isnt' that the official start of the 2nd tri? I am so happy for you both. On hearing hb/feeling movement: I got one of those home doppler things (cause I was a nervous wreck)and was actually able to hear the hb almost everyday. I didn't know which twin I was hearing b/c their hbs were so similar, but it didn't matter to me. I sent it back once I started feeling regular movement. My first random tics were around 18 weeks, but movement didn't become regular until 20 weeks. Around 22-23 weeks my husband began to feel little kicks from the outside. Now they're kicking the #@%$ out of me! It's different for everyone, of course. So much for you to look forward to!

    By Blogger lagiulia, at 10:34 AM  

  • whoosh-woosh woohoo!


    By Blogger Shelli, at 11:36 AM  

  • What a lovely sound that must have been. Very exciting!

    I'm sure it hasn't been so speedy for you, but it really does feel like that first trimester zipped by! It feels like just yesterday that the Major Run O' Pregnancies was popping up on FF. And now Harpo's heart is beating away. It's wonderful. I wish you a very happy 2nd Tri. and as little worry as possible.

    By Anonymous bri, at 1:02 PM  

  • Oh, i'm so thrilled for you guys...what a great, consoling feeling that must be. *BIG smiles* for Harpo!!

    By Blogger Amanda, at 2:38 PM  

  • 14 weeks ALREADY??!!! That is just incredible (and WONDERFUL!!!!!)

    By Blogger deanna, at 7:43 PM  

  • I'm very happy for you two (three). It sounds like you have a strong little baby in there!

    By Anonymous maureen, at 10:51 PM  

  • This is pretty exciting stuff!

    By Blogger Katie (WannaBeMom), at 11:45 PM  

  • Wow you guys!

    I haven't been around FF or anything like that much in a long time but I was reading Shelli's site and saw the link to yours. I am so happy for you that you are gonna have a baby! yippee!!!

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:29 AM  

  • Congratulations Jen & Cait! Thrilled that things are going so well for you :) Welcome to the second tri.

    By Blogger Miss W, at 8:45 AM  

  • woo hoo! Congrats!! 14 week Victory Dance!

    By Blogger Calliope, at 10:17 AM  

  • My best friend considers herself well-padded, and she's been feeling her kid since 15 weeks. I didn't feel a thing until 18.5, and it was intermittent for at least a week after that... and then all of a sudden, Brooke could feel the kid, too.

    By Blogger Emilin, at 2:07 PM  

  • Yay! for you and Yay! for Harpo.

    I remember when they went to hear Julia's heartbeat for the first time and couldn't find it and we FREAKED OUT (and we had nowhere near the good reason that you two have) so they sent us down to the ultrasound room right then. I'm not sure, though, that that made up for having to be at a big hospital rather than with a midwife or birthing center.
    But it was a relief to see that little heart beating. Of course, every other time they couldn't find the heartbeat they told us just to chill...

    By Blogger Trista, at 2:54 PM  

  • Grow Harpo Grow!!
    Don't you looove the first time you hear it?

    By Blogger Estelle, at 3:05 PM  

  • Woo! So wonderful!

    By Blogger Kwynne, at 3:14 PM  

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