Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mmm-mmm good!

We pause now for an entirely different kind of domesticity. Many, many thanks are due to AfrIndieMum, who has no idea why I am thanking her.

If you asked anyone in Cait's family to tell you something about me, chances are they'd say, "She loves to cook!" (Ok, it might not be the first answer but if we were playing Family Feud it would certainly be on the board and probably in the top 5.) In fact, one Christmas almost everything I got from her family had to do with cooking. Including one of these (now AfrIndie is starting to understand).

I had heard of them and was interested but also a bit scared. (Baking on flexible plastic? It just seems wrong!) So I stuck it in the baking cupboard and... forgot all about it. Every once in a while I came across it when cleaning or reorganizing cabinets (most recently when packing them up for the Great Countertop Replacement) and thought, "Oh, I should try that." But I never did.

And then AfrIndieMum posted that her desire to have one of these was so great that she consented to host a bakeware party! I have to admit that caught my interest. So when i went to bake cookies tonight (which I had to do in the community kitchen since our %$&*%^$& stove is still broken), I tried it. Oh, my god, is it cool! Check it out:

One cookie was made directly on the pan; the other on the liner. (Disclaimer: they were two different types of pan, one being that stupid, cheap, thick supposedly "commercial" baking pan type, which was the only thing available in the community kitchen. The other was a thin, baking sheet with a single rim). Well, that Exopat did mightily - the cookies were uniformly cooked, browned but not burnt, done but still soft, and practically jumped off the pan. The other? Not so good. The cookies melted too much around the edges, getting burnt and crumbly, and the centers didn't get cooked evenly. I. LOVE. IT. And I didn't have to wash the cookie sheet either!

Thanks, AIM!


  • Oooooh, pass 'em on!! Too bad you can't email cookies. ;)

    i too am involved with a kitchen-goddess. There's things in our kitchen i would never have even known how to use before, but now couldn't live without!

    By Blogger Amanda, at 9:31 AM  

  • he he :) i love those things! you should try it on a baking pan that is aerated! even more amazing...

    By Blogger afrindiemum, at 4:23 PM  

  • ooooo, I'm getting "kitchen gadget envy!"


    By Blogger Shelli, at 9:49 PM  

  • That's funny. I bought one of those things for my mom a couple years ago because I was out of ideas and I don't think she has used hers yet either. I'm glad to hear that they do work!

    By Anonymous maureen, at 10:49 PM  

  • I gave Beth one and she now wants to use it on EVERYTHING... fortunately, in case she does, her sister gave me two for the same Christmas and so I have "my own" and only use them for approved baking :-) I saw them on... Martha... and so MADE cookies specifically because I got them. LOL

    By Anonymous cathy, at 6:53 AM  

  • Ok, Cathy, now you've got me curious. What on earth could Beth want to bake that would NOT be ok?!?!

    And AfrIndie, when you say aerated do you mean insulated? I tried those once but I didn't like them. I thought the cookies came out too soft. Maybe it would be better with the 'pat on top, though.

    By Blogger Jen, at 10:50 AM  

  • She wanted to try pizza (illegal because it would be cut!) and stuffed chicken... I can't think of what else but it wasn't anything I would want to remember being on there when I baked christmas cookies!!!

    Maybe I have too many rules ?? :-/

    By Anonymous cathy, at 8:06 AM  

  • sorry - aerated meaning like there's holes in the baking sheet that the silpat rests on. i guess it does something with circulating the heat even better and cooking more evenly... make sense? :)

    By Blogger afrindiemum, at 8:03 PM  

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