Friday, September 07, 2007

It's Not Just Us

Natalie is quite interested in a sibling, too. The Force is strong in my family -- the baby-crazed force, that is -- and Natalie is no exception. She has seven or eight baby dolls (thanks grandmas!) by now, and is adorably tender when carrying, cuddling, and even nursing them, although it's entertaining to watch her hurl them into the toy stroller. She's also quite obsessed with real babies, too, and spent the last twenty minutes of Cait's school picnic tonight stalking a newborn. "Baby! Baby! Baby!" she said ad infinitum, dragging us around in search of the tiny one. We finally found a slightly larger baby and she stared adoringly for a few minutes, and then we departed. She continued to talk to us about the wonder of babies for the whole ride home "Baby! Baby! Baby!"

We're right there with you, sweetie.


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