Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So I couldn't quite figure out how to make a blog yardsale work. We took a bunch of stuff to the swap table in our community instead. However, we had a couple of books I just couldn't consign to the forlorn bookshelf in the swap area. Instead I am offering them here to the first commenter to request them.

Both are wedding-planning books which were very helpful to us in planning our commitment ceremony four years ago. There's one for the spiritual/romantic aspect and another that is more practical.
  • I Do: A Guide to Creating Your Own Unique Wedding Ceremony by Sydney Barbara Metrick - this was very helpful to us in thinking through what our actual ceremony would entail
  • Bridal Bargains (6th Ed.) by Denise and Alan Fields - I found this immensely helpful* and did save money using some strategies contained in the book.
No payment is required- but since we are heading into the waning days of the TWW with no lines in sight, how about you tell me a joke if you're interested in one of the books. Heck, even if you don't want a book, tell me your favorite joke!

If you do want a book, I can't promise it will be sent immediately but we are amassing quite a stack of (non-perishable!) packages needing to be mailed so we'll make it to the P.O. sooner or later.

*I was, for the record, less thrilled with Baby Bargains, but still found it useful as well. I guess our copy of Baby Bargains is also up for grabs. I don't have it here so I can't tell you what edition - I'd guess a 2004 or 05 copyright.


  • I've got no need for those books -- I'm way married, and have every intention of remaining so -- but I wanted to say that I recently dumped my copy of "Baby Bargains" into the recycling bin. Mine was a bit older, maybe 2001 or 2002 edition, but even at the point it hit my hands, the book was already out of date. There was SOME useful information, like what to look for in a stroller, but mostly it seemed to be reviews of specific products that had already been replaced by newer versions. The internet was a much more useful source of info on exactly which carseat, stroller, etc. to buy.

    By Blogger Summer, at 10:47 AM  

  • Me: Why don't snakes wear belts?


    (silence while you ponder this)

    You: I don't know. Why don't snakes wear belts?

    Me: snakes don't wear pants!

    By Blogger starrhillgirl, at 4:45 PM  

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