Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Petty Little Things that Drive Me Nuts

Being anal and being a mom are not always compatible. (Not always? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!) Here's the latest list of things that get under my skin:
  • When Playdough colors get mixed together (by my MIL! not even by the kid!!)
  • The way the smell of Playdough sticks around forever after you've put it away, even if you wash your hands compulsively
Gee, when I started this post, I thought I had more. I guess it should be called "Why Playdough Pisses Me Off".

It ought to go without saying that of course having a kid is worth all the petty annoyances, but you never know if someone is waiting out there in Blogland to lecture you. Anyway, the best redeeming factor in all this is that Natalie seems to have inherited my sense of order (and outrage). We are in an informal music playgroup where the families contribute favorite songs and one mom makes a mix CD that we use for a sing-along. We just got the second "edition" and it includes a few favorites from the first CD. Natalie CANNOT STAND IT when the old songs come on, presumably because they are out of order. We'll be driving along and an old song will start. All of a sudden, the screams begin in the back seat. "No no no! NONONONONONO!" until I finally give in and skip to the next song. It is simultaneously totally annoying and totally hysterical.

I love this kid.


  • Alexander is similar with the music. He knows what the next song should be so he gets upset if it's not right.

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 9:14 PM  

  • clearly means that she is a genius!! clearly!!
    I love Nat stories.

    By Anonymous calliope, at 7:28 AM  

  • That story about the music is fantastic. What attention to detail!

    I loathe mixed playdoh colors, too. We buy extra playdoh so I can toss the ruined stuff without feeling bad.

    By Blogger Jody, at 9:12 AM  

  • putting this here, cuz i cant find the email ya'll sent asking for the addy to send AdProb goodies...

    rec'd the YUMMY-NESS today - after a 2+hr too long clinical day and headed into many hours of typing up a 3pt paper. so the chocolatey goodness was most welcome and needed today!

    PS - my mom ate one, and later asked: "can i have some more cookies?" she said to tell you she enjoyed them too! :)


    By Anonymous gypsygrrl, at 10:41 PM  

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