Monday, August 22, 2005

$#&*$^# SSSPPPAAAMMM *(#@&(*

Anyone know anything about b l * g s p * m and how to prevent it? S p * m m e r s have found AdProb and I don't want to be overrun by them!



  • I just spend the time to delete the comments. Or Blogger has a new thing in the options that makes you type stuff in to post a comment. Like those skewed letters things. Not sure if they work or help, but a suggestion.

    By Blogger Hostile in Ohio, at 9:49 PM  

  • (embarrased)
    I just figured out that I *could* delete other people's comments.... On the other hand, in the time that I managed to delete two comments that rhyme with "ham" - TWO MORE appeared. So I seem to have really caught their eye. Ugh.

    By Blogger Jen, at 9:56 PM  

  • Hmm...the only thing that I did was to make anonymous posting impossible. CONGRATS ON THE GREAT NEWS! FAJSDL;JFL;AJFDLA;JF;LKS I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Blogger R, at 12:15 PM  

  • Hey, Jen: (still embarrased) Can you tell me how you deleted specific comments? I still haven't figured it out! When I got s p * m on my comments last week, I just had to completely delete the entry and then re-post it. ERG! Sorry they're plaguing you, too!!

    By Anonymous Deanna, at 2:04 PM  

  • Deanna - I deleted and reposted your comment because I think that s p * m m e r s have automatic software that "crawls" the net and looks for key terms (like s p * m). I am trying not to use that word because I am afraid it will attract them.

    To delete comments, you have to log in through Blogger and then view a page. When you are looking at your blog and Blogger knows it's you, the owner, it turns on the delete feature. There will be a small trash can at the end of each comment and you can delete any that you don't want for whatever reason.

    By Blogger Jen, at 2:07 PM  

  • I had that problem last night too! I went into settings and changed the comments to require text entry for comments. You must republish the entire blog for it to take effect. But it works... I think. Well, I haven't had any s p * m since!

    [I reposted this one too - Jen]

    By Anonymous Lil Bouncer, at 2:08 PM  

  • Who knew these sp**mmmmmertypes were so pirhanna-ish? Jerkballs....Thanks for the delete tip! I just tried it out and sure enough--lots of little trash cans. Yay! =)

    By Blogger deanna, at 6:28 PM  

  • Ok, I took the tip several of you provided and added "word verification" feature. Hope it helps!

    By Blogger Jen, at 9:44 PM  

  • hmmmm, maybe it's because that word that associates itself with a meat product looks a LOT like what you used to inseminate....


    By Blogger Shelli, at 12:53 PM  

  • A few days ago I had 18 sp*m comments - eighteen! That's when I opted for the word verif thingy, which I actually despise - so dull. And now I am spa*ming them back bcs I could track most of them. Their sales email will be busier, shall we say. Feels childish, yes, and absolutely MAHVELLOUS!

    [Psst! Change your Abt Me already! :) ]

    By Blogger The Lioness, at 7:03 PM  

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