Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But If I Were Julie...

... that last post would have been some hysterically funny commentary on fashion choices at the RE's, complete with new fabric designs. Because no one who works at a REPRODUCTIVE ENDOCRINOLOGIST'S should wear scrubs with cute, pastel, swaddled, giggly babies on them.

What would be appropriate patterns for Julie to create?

I think a nice array of needles, bandaids, and crumpled tissues would be a big hit.

What are your ideas?


  • ...the little vials injectibles & trigger shots come in over a background of $100 bills

    Glad your visit with Doc Smiley was helpful. He's a good guy.

    By Blogger jean, at 6:07 AM  

  • A tasteful paisley constructed of sperm and eggs would be appropriate. Or stick to basics, and have the fabric printed with a multicolored array of speculums. (Speculii? I'm confusing the spellchecker.)

    By Blogger Summer, at 10:05 AM  

  • hmmm . . . perhaps pee sticks (with varying shades of second lines) and (I have to go with Jean here) money-- tons of money.

    By Blogger sara, at 12:46 PM  

  • ok. Was Dr. Smiley in that get-up or one of the nurses? Cause the thought of him in those scrubs really messes with my head.

    I'm glad your appt went so well!

    By Blogger Jennifer, at 12:56 PM  

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