Friday, November 30, 2007


(I wonder how many other people came up with that title?)

Phew. It's done. It was definitely a change of pace to blog daily, even multiple times a day. I hope that I'll stay in the habit of blogging regularly, though I am certain it won't be daily! At times it was overwhelming to have so many posts to read on other blogs, but I really enjoyed getting to hear from some friends and bloggers who, like me, had been posting less and less frequently prior to this month. And it was fun figuring out how to blog from my phone (which came in handy when I got unexpected test results and had no Internet access).

Even though I still think it's nuts to do NaBloPoMo in November when the holiday treadmill begins, in a way it got me conditioned for the madness that is December, even if my "spare time" (ha!) in December will be consumed with cards, baking, wrapping, crafting, etc., instead of blogging.

Buh-bye, November, and buh-bye NaBloPoMo!


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